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He was born in 1954 in Erzurum, Turkey, to the Tivnikli, one of the prominent families of town. He graduated from the Mechanical Engineering school of Istanbul Technical University.

Having accomplished great successes during his long years in business, Fahreddin Tivnikli chaired the boards of many companies he has founded. He pioneered the establishment of many charities and foundations, both nationally and internationally, the Aziz Mahmud Hüdai Foundation leading among them, of which he was both a founder and a trustee.

Fahreddin Tivnikli aimed the enhancement of education, both in Turkey and the Muslim world, thru which he wanted to accomplish the continuation of Islamic scientific tradition and the revival of the vast Muslim geographies. That is why he, as a philanthropist, assumed big responsibilities for the establishment and progress of charities and foundations working for education.

 A devoted, merciful and big hearted man, he used to say “any duty must immediately be accomplished", and he generously mobilized all available resources to establish long lasting social institutions in Central Asia, Caucasia, Balkans, Europe, South America and Africa. 

Fahreddin Bey knew and appreciated his country's historic and cultural ties with Africa, hence he believed in the importance of keeping a very close relationship with African countries and communities, saying: "We have to support our brothers and sisters; together with them, we have to work to make their countries, their cities more prosperous."

He worked on tirelessly until his last breath, in Ghana and many other African countries, to train and educate a generation devoted to Islamic moral and ethics, responsible, well-educated and well-qualified. His ideal of establishing a strong education system founded on a genuine merge of positive and Islamic sciences is an important part of the vision of schools he founded in Ghana along with his brother.

As a contribution to the future of Ghana, Fahreddin Bey, together with his brother, pioneered the establishment of HUDAI foundation in Accra. Along with humanitarian aid efforts, he also contributed to the establishment of education institutions like TINASCO, to train and educate generations with science, lore, wisdom and character. 

This school, which he established in Ghana together with his brother Abdullah Tivnikli, is the nicest exhibit of Fahreddin Tivnikli's legacy, who devoted himself and his means to Islam and humanity.

May he rest in peace, and his place be Jannah. May Allah have mercy on his soul. 


He was born in Erzurum, Turkey, in 1959. After graduating from the Mechanical Engineering school of Istanbul Technical University, he completed a postgraduate degree in management at the same university, following which he continued his studies in the UK.

He worked abroad on the theory and practice of non-interest banking for long years. With his experience, he pioneered the establishment of non-interest banking in Turkey.

He contributed to the establishent of many charities, NGOs and schools, Aziz Mahmud Hüdayi Foundation, İlim Yayma Foundation, Ekopolitik, Istanbul Research and Education Foundation and Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University among them, wherein he served at the boards and as a trustee. 

He founded or contributed to many mosques, schools, student residences, orphanages and food banks, both in Turkey and abroad,  while he continuously supported basic and academic education of the youth, for establishing trained and educated generations.

He wanted to disseminate Islamic culture and values in Turkey as well as around the world, from the Balkans to Central Asia to Africa. Ghana was the country which he cared the most in Africa.

Africa had a very special place in Tivnikli's heart. He very much desired that the whole continent and its peoples get the global  representation they deserved, that they would get the opportunities and realize their potential. "We should establish the means necessary for the peoples of Africa to realize their potential, for this continent to get the place it very much deserves" he said.

He appreciated Ghana's democratic system, its level of economic development, and its strong social structure among African nations, and hence concentrated a great deal of his philanthropist work here. He wanted to train and educate conscious and visionary future generations in Ghana, in different areas ranging from education to economy to politics to social services.

Known and appreciated for his hardworking and modesty, Abdullah Tivnikli was a devoted philanthropist, who aimed to train and educate future generations to continue with his charity work.

He had enormous contributions, both financial and inspirational, for the establishment of TIVNIKLI INTERNATIONAL SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL, along with his elder brother Fahreddin Tivnikli.

May this house of science, lore and service become a source of prayers and mercy for him until the Yawm al-Qiyamah.

May he rest in peace, and his place be Jannah. May Allah have mercy on his soul.

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